Little House Kindergarten Organization Pack

Little House Kindergarten Organization Pack:

– Detailed daily calender and schedule for all 180 days of curriculum. All you have to do is fill in the date! Formatted and ready to print so that you can easily add it to your home school binder.

– Detailed curriculum syllabus for every subject. Every syllabus includes a summary of subject level goals, a skills/benchmarks list, and a resource list (including a full bibliography for Language Arts). The syllabus pack is ready to print from PDF so that you can add it to your records and yearly home school portfolio.

Ways to use the Little House Kindergarten Organization Pack:
1. The organization pack makes it to where you can have an organized list of daily accomplishments, as well as a clear vision of what is accomplished in each unit and throughout the entire Kindergarten year.
2. Daily school attendance can easily be tracked with the daily calender. Each curriculum day is listed with a detailed explanation of what work was done that day- all you have to do is write in the date that each day is completed! It doesn’t get any easier than that!
3. Track subjects covered and frequency of subject area practice. This is important information to keep during the Kindergarten year, and just as important to keep in your records to track your child’s future educational goals.
4. You can easily build a detailed portfolio with your daily calender, curriculum syllabus pack, and Little House Workbooks. Use the daily calendar and syllabus pack for your schooling log, and use the Little House Workbooks to show abundant sample work.

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