Retired Curriculum

What happened to the old curriculum?
We know that many people are still using the retired original Little House Kindergarten curriculum and finding it useful. When designing it years ago we did not take into account that depending on outside resources for the bulk of the educational material in the curriculum could be unstable long term. Over the past five years since creating the original curriculum many of the links that we used are no longer available. Resources have been removed from websites and are difficult to find again. The curriculum is still mostly functional even with the occasional broken link, but we felt that designing a curriculum where the core of learning could be done offline was a better option for many families – so we started our new project Around the World Kindergarten!
You can still find all of the retired curriculum here if you are interesting in using it. We will not be updating the retired curriculum any longer, but we will consistently update the new Around the World Kindergarten.

Everything below can be downloaded for free using our Pay What You Can model.

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Retired 180 Day Kindergarten Curriculum

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Green Unit (Days 1-30)

Yellow Unit (Days 31-60)

Red Unit (Days 61-90)

Blue Unit (Days 91-120)

Orange Unit (Days 121-150)

Purple Unit (Days 151-180)

Curriculum by subject.

Retired Virtual Field Trips

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