Homeschool Helper

Homeschool Helper

Are you interested in having someone walk with you through your homeschool adventure? I’m here to help! The Homeschool Helper program is an email advisement program where I can assist you with many things. Listed below are just a few ideas for how the Helper can help you.

Looking for free resources to help supplement your curriculum? I can help you with that! Tell me what you’re looking for and I will invest my time and energy in helping you to find it. I’m also happy to help with creating lesson plans to further supplement free resources that we find.
Need a fresh perspective with challenges that you’re experiencing in your teaching journey? I will help you by evaluating the educational goals that you have set for your family, and finding the best ways to implement those goals. Sometimes all you need is a few fresh ideas to help push through a rough patch in your homeschool adventure.
Do you have a child with special needs? I’m happy to walk with you in coming up with solutions that will help them thrive in a homeschool environment. As an educator and a mom I understand that every child is unique and special, and that sometimes adjustments need to be made to help them be the best that they can be. We can work together to see what’s working, and what might need some improvement, so that we can create a custom plan of action with homeschooling in mind for your child.
All homeschool teachers deserve a cheerleader and a support system! I’m happy to be here to support you, and as a subscriber, invite you to join a private Little House Homeschool Helper group where you can run ideas past a group of like minded homeschool educators. We can share ideas, pass along new resources, and help each other celebrate our successes!
For a flat rate of $15 you get 3 month access to:
Unlimited emails! We can communicate as much as you would like regarding about as many educational topics you can think of. I’m here to help! I can guarantee a response within 48 hours of your email Monday-Friday.
The Little House Homeschool Helper private Facebook group. Join in for discussions and to help and encourage other home educators on their journey.
A weekly news letter with links to unique free resources, and a lesson plan guide on how to use the resources in your home school.
Email Hannie at if you have any questions.

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