Yellow Unit Science

Day 31

Watch this cute video about unlikely animal friends. There are some animals in this video that you will be surprised can be friends. Anyone can be friends if they try to be nice to one another!

Day 32
Animals have families too. Here are some pictures of animal families. Count how many animals are in each picture.



Day 33
-Break from Science-

Day 34

Have you ever heard of dog shows? They are a competition where people show off their dogs and compare them to other dogs. The dogs are trained to be very obedient and follow directions. They are judged on how they look and how they act. There are shows like this for all kinds of pets including guinea pigs! Watch this video about a show guinea pig. Summarize the video.

Day 35

Make a face that looks like you! Describe what you look like out loud.

Day 36

Watch this video about the building of a straw bale house.

Day 37

-Field Trip Day 1-

Day 38

-Field Trip Day 2-

Day 39

Today we are talking about weather.

Listen to the weather song.

Explore what different weather does with this game.

What’s the weather like outside right now?

Day 40

Listen to the temperature song.

In this weather simulator put the humidity bar up to the top, and slowly adjust the temperature up and down. What happens when the temperature is high? What happens when the temperature is low?

Listen to this song with different temperature words. What were some that you hadn’t heard before?

Day 41


Watch this fox video. Describe what the fox is doing.


This is a picture of a kit. A kit is a baby fox.


Day 42

Play the Migration Adventure Game.


Day 43

Today you will be learning about forests. Here is a picture of a forest.

Watch this video about forests. Summarize what you learned about forests and the animals that live there.

Play this animal forest game.


Day 44

Watch this video about Pygmy Goats that people keep as pets. Describe what the goats eat, where do they live, what do they like to do?


Day 45


Day 46

Watch this video about baby penguins. What colors are penguins? Where do they live?


Day 47

Watch this ice skating video and do the experiments at the bottom of the page.


Day 48

Here is a picture with different types of horses. Which is your favorite?

Here is a video about horses.


Day 49

This animal is a hamster. Hamster starts with an H.

Play this hamster puzzle game.


Day 50

Count the lions. Which is the mommy, and which is the daddy?


Day 51

Today we will be talking about ice, and animals that live on the ice. A very icy place in the world is called the Arctic.

This is a picture of the Arctic.

Here are some animals that live in the Arctic.

Here is another picture of Arctic animals with their names. Count the animals in the picture. Choose three animals to draw and copy their names under your picture.

Play the Artic Animal memory game.

Explore the Arctic in this game.

Watch this video about the difference between the desert and the Arctic.


Day 52



Day 53

For two days we will be learning about weather. Have you been watching the weather since we last talked about it? Do you remember what the weather is like most days where you live? Look outside; what is the weather like today? Look for “What is the weather like?” in your Yellow Book. Draw the weather, and write the kind of letter it is under your drawing. Do this for Day 1. You will draw the weather for Day 2 tomorrow. Here is a picture with different types of weather, and weather words.

Watch this video about weather.

Go to your local weather channel website and see what the forecast is for tomorrow. A forecast is the best guess that weather people have, using science, to guess what the weather will be like in the future. Sometimes they are right about the weather, sometimes they are wrong. Check to see what they think the weather will be tomorrow- and tomorrow you will see if they are right!


Day 54

Was the weather man right about what the weather is like where you live today? Draw the kind of weather it is outside today in your Yellow Book under Day 2. Here is a picture with different types of weather, and weather words. Play the Weather Transformer game.


Here is a drawing of what happens to trees during the different seasons. Here is a picture of the same tree during different seasons.

Guess the seasons in this video.


Day 55

Look at this food pyramid. This is the food pyramid of what rabbits eat in the wild, and what rabbits eat when they are pets. Do you see what is different?


Day 56

Here is a picture of different kinds of manatees like in the Cosmo story. What kind of manatee looked the most like the manatee in the story?


Day 57

This is a picture of a bird’s nest. Birds work very hard to build a nest to lay their eggs in. How many eggs are in this bird’s nest?

Here are different types of bird’s eggs. Which do you like the best? Which two eggs do you think are the most different? After looking at this picture, what kind of bird laid the eggs in the bird nest picture?

Here is a video of someone who left some special material for hummingbirds to build a nest. Look at how the hummingbird nest looks different that the other nests we have seen. What is different about it?

This is a video of a different kind of nest. It is a robin nest. Watch the baby robins hatch, and grow. They start out pink, and then they get their feathers. When they are big enough they fly away from the nest.


Day 58



Day 59 and Day 60

Review Days

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