Yellow Unit: Social Studies, Art, Computer Skills

Day 31
Our theme of the day is friendship. Watch this story about the The Lion and the Mouse. How are they friends? Friends do nice things for each other, what do the two friends in the story do to be nice to each other?

Read some things that other Kindergarteners came up with that a good friend does. Can you add anything to the list? What is something that a good friend has done for you? What have you done for a friend?

In your Yellow Book draw something fun that you and one of your friends do together. Why is your friend a good friend?

Day 32

Draw a picture of your family in your Yellow Book.

Day 33

Today we are learning about community. Read what community means.

Listen to the song about the people in your neighborhood.

Draw a map of your neighborhood in your Yellow Book. (Example)

Build a neighborhood.

Day 34

Do you have a pet? If you do, draw it in your Yellow Book. If you don’t draw what kind of pet your would like if you could have one.

Day 35

In your Yellow Book draw a picture of yourself doing one of your favorite things. What do you love about yourself? What makes you special?

Fill out the all about me chart in your Yellow Book.

Day 36

Build a house.

In your Yellow Book have an adult write down your home address and phone number. It’s important to know these things. Practice writing them. Work on memorizing them. If you are ever in an emergency situation and you have to call an emergency number, you will have to know this information so that community helpers can come and take care of the emergency. Ask an adult what the emergency number is to call in your area (example, 911) and when you should call this number. Watch this video about what to do during an emergency, and what an emergency is.

Watch this video about different types of homes from all around the world. What kind of home do you live in?

Day 37
Field trip day 1- community safety and firehouse tour.

Today we are talking about fire safety.

Have an adult read you this fire safety page. Pay close attention, this is very important.

Play this fire safety game to test what you remember about fire safety.

What is the fire safety plan in your home? Ask an adult to show you smoke detectors in your home. How many are there? Have a fire drill with the people in your home. It’s important to be prepared. You don’t have to be scared of emergencies if you are prepared and know what to do! Have an adult write your fire safety plan in your Yellow Book.

Watch this video about a Day in the Life of a Firefighter.

Have someone read you this article about the history of why Dalmatians are known as fire dogs.

Day 38

Day 38.
Field trip day 2- community safety.

This is a traffic light in the USA. Is this what the traffic lights look like in your community? If not, have an adult find you a picture of a traffic light from your community. This is what the colors of the traffic light mean.

Signal Light


Color this page with the correct colors for traffic lights. Be sure that the color matches the traffic instruction. Color the traffic light in your Yellow Book.

Play the stoplight game.

This is a stop sign. These are the rules of what a stop sign is and what the stop sign means.



Color the stop sign in your Yellow Book.

Count the sides on the shape of a stop sign. How many sides are there? This shape is called an octagon. There are also eight legs on an octopus. What is the sound that is in the words octagon, and octopus? Think through what you counted, what do you think “oct” means?

Watch this video about road safety.

Day 39

Do the weather/clothes matching activity in your Yellow Book.

Day 40

-Break Day-

Day 41


Foxes live in dens; it’s like a little cave that they dig. This is the outside of a den. They sleep in the den like this. In your Yellow Book draw a den under the tree. Put things in the den that a fox would like. Act out the story with these fox puppets. Make the story about foxes digging a den. Tell someone the story. Anything can happen in the story that you would like, it’s your creation!



Practice you typing with this cup stacking game.


Day 42

-break day-


Day 43

Art: Make a forest.

Computers: Practice you typing with this cup stacking game.


Day 44

-break day-


Day 45

Social studies: Have you ever received a gift? What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Have you ever given anyone a gift?

Computers: Practice you typing with this cup stacking game.


Day 46

Social studies: Watch this video of Mr. Rogers meeting some penguins.


Day 47

Art: Listen to this song. It’s called “Skating”. How does this song make you feel? This is a great song to dance to. You can dance with the song if you would like! The main instrument in this song is a piano. This is what a piano looks like.


Computers: Practice you typing with this cup stacking game.


Day 48

-break day-


Day 49

-break day-


Day 50

Social studies: Read this article about animal friends.


Computers: Practice you typing with this cup stacking game.


Day 51

-break day-


Day 52

Social Studies: Have someone read you this blog about Hawaii. What are some words in the blog post that you had never heard before?


Day 53

Social Studies: In different weather we have to wear different clothes. Play this game to choose the right clothing for the weather outside.


Day 54

-break day-


Day 55

Computers: Practice you typing with this cup stacking game.


Day 56

Art: What are the animals that were in the story about Cosmo? Draw the animals in your Yellow Book.


Social Studies: Here is a picture of a houseboat. What would you think about living on a houseboat? How would it be different than the home you live in now?


Day 57

-break day-


Day 58

-break day-


Day 59 and Day 60

Review Days


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