Yellow Unit Math

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Day 31

Color to number 10 with the color yellow.

Practice writing the number 11 in your Yellow Book.

Day 32
Practice writing the number 12 in your Yellow Book

How many members are in this family?


(Counting animals in the Science section)

Day 33

Explore things that are the color yellow with these flash cards.

Practice writing the number 13 in your Yellow Book.

Connect the dots by counting to 10.

Day 34

Practice writing the number 14 in your Yellow Book.

Count the fish in the fish tank.

Sort the animals in the animal shelter.

Day 35

Practice writing the number 15 in your Yellow Book.

Color in the numbers to 15. Use your favorite color.

Day 36

Construct the tangram of the house. Look for the picture of the house in the top right of the game screen.

Day 37

-Field Trip Day 1-

Day 38

-Field Trip Day 2-

Day 39

Count to 20.

Day 40

Look up the temperature where you live today. Write down the temperature on the thermometer and fill it in with red to where the temperature is (the thermometer is in your Yellow Book). Have an adult help show you where the temperature is today.

Day 41

Count to 10 out loud.

Day 42

Count the feathers.

Practice counting by connecting the dots 1-10.

Day 43

Count the forest animals.

Draw ten trees in your Yellow Book.

Day 44

Goats are very good climbers. Count the goats on the tree.

Color and count out loud numbers 1-15.

Day 45

Count the gifts. Count these gifts, as well.

Play this matching game called, “Present Time”.

Day 46

Practice writing 1-10 in your Yellow Book.

What shapes make these penguins?

Count the penguins.

Count to twenty with the silly penguins.

Day 47

Watch this video and count the skaters.

Do the ice skate counting activity in your Yellow Book.

Count to 20 out loud, and then count to 20 in this game.

Day 48

Count the horses.

Play this memory game.

Count out loud from 1-15.

Day 49

Go through this pattern lesson and answer all the questions.

Play this puzzle game.

Day 50

Play this matching game.

Day 51

Here is another picture of Arctic animals with their names. Count the animals in the picture.

Count the ice cubes.

Day 52

Play this pattern game.

Count the sea turtles.

Day 53

Count the raindrops.

Day 54


Day 55

Practice writing the number 16 in your Yellow Book.

Look at this picture. Count the bunnies, then count the birds.

Day 56

Practice writing number 17 in your Yellow Book.

Play this counting game.

Day 57

Practice writing the number 18 in your Yellow Book.

Count the different types of bird’s eggs.

Day 58

Practice writing the number 19 in your Yellow Book.

Splat 1-20 with a yellow splat. Then, you can count to 20 using whatever color you want.

Day 59 and Day 60

Review Days

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