Day 8

Day 8.

Practice writing the number three in your Green Book.  Circle your best one.

Do you remember how to spell the word green?

It’s time for an art project.  Today you will be making skyscrapers and cars out of paper.  You will need; 1 big piece of paper, some small pieces of colored paper (these can be scraps), glue, scissors, and buttons (optional).  Go to this website to see pictures of skyscrapers and for a guide on how to do the art project.  Are there skyscrapers where you live?

Watch this video about some men that have a really scary job, cleaning the windows on the tallest building in the world!  How did they keep from falling?  Do you think you could do what they do?  What’s the tallest building you’ve ever seen?

Now it’s time to build your own neighborhood.  What kind of neighborhood did you build?  What was in it?  Play the Build a Neighborhood game.

Listen to the ABC song and sort the letters in the game.

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