Day 7

Day 7.

Today you will learn to write the number 2.  Practice writing the number 2 in your Green Book.

We get to meet the kindergarten class pets today.  They are a family of giraffes that live at the Houston Zoo.  Have someone read to you about them here.  The great thing about the zoo that our class giraffes live at is that they have a webcam in the giraffe home.  This means that you can watch your giraffes live anytime you want!  They won’t always be in their pin (they have to sleep just like us) but when they are outside you will see them on this webcam.  Sometimes you will need to check on our class giraffes and describe what they’re doing.  Can you do that right now?  Are the giraffes out?  How many of them are out right now?  What are they doing?

A few years ago one of our class giraffes was born.  Watch this video of him when he was only one day old.  Isn’t it funny that he’s already taller than the zookeeper and he’s just a baby?  What was the giraffe acting like?  If it was your job to name the baby giraffe what would you name him?

Here is another video of one of our class giraffes at the Houston Zoo trying to reach some leaves.  Is his tongue short or long?  What color is his tongue?  What kind of food is he reaching for?  What does this tell us about what grown-up giraffes eat?

What do you think about our Kindergarten class pets?

Discuss community areas like zoos. Is there a zoo close by to you? Look up zoos close to your area on the internet. You can discuss with the student how far each zoo is from your home, and how each one is different. Check to see if they have giraffes.

Sing your ABC song.

Practice writing your name.

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