Day 6

Day 6.

Practice writing the number 1 in your Green Book.

Watch the number 1 video.

Every country has a flag.  Do you know about the flag in your country?  Have an adult help you find the flag from your country (and state, if you live in the USA).  What do the colors on the flag mean?  Are there any pictures on your country’s flag?  When was your flag made?  Has your country had other flags? (Adults: this wiki page is a good point to start research.  Help your kindergartener by showing them how you found the information.  This is a good practice with safe research skills.  If you live in the US this could be a good time to go over the Pledge of Allegiance.)

Look at the flags of some other countries.  Which ones do you like?

In your Green Book there is a blank flag for you to color.  Imagine that you have your own country and it’s your job to design the flag.  What would it look like?  Follow the instructions in your book.

Make a flag online.

Listen to the ABC song in the intro of this game.  You don’t have to play the game yet.

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