Day 5

Day 5.

Hey there! Do you remember how to spell green?  Can you sing your green song to help you remember?

In your Green Book there is a count the shape activity.  The shapes make a flower in a pot with a little butterfly looking at it.  Shapes can make bigger pictures of things.  Count how many shapes it took to make the picture.  How many circles?  How many squares?  What other shapes do you see?

Watch this video about a Mouse and a Lion.  Notice that the animals and the forest are made out of shapes.  What shapes are the trees made out of?  What shapes is the lion made out of?  What shape is the mouse made out of?

Can your help the purple monster find shapes?  Play this game and match up the shapes!

One more activity in your Green Book today!  After the graph page, there is a page where you can practice drawing your shapes.  Follow the instructions, and use your pencil.  Take your time to practice drawing them well.  If you need more practice drawing the shapes an adult can help you to print copies of the page to practice with.

Practice writing your name.  Spell your name out loud.

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