Day 4

Day 4.

Today we will be learning about shapes!

Learn about shapes with the Shapes Song.  Practice naming all of the shapes.

Now play the Curious George I Love Shapes Game.  What shapes were in the game?  How did you do?

There are many different ways to make triangles.  They are different sizes and have different lengths of lines, but they all have three sides.  Look at this picture to see the different kinds of triangles.

There are shapes everywhere!  Look around your house to find shapes.  If you have a camera to use, take a picture when you find a shape.  Can you find a square in your house?  Can you find a triangle?  Can you find a circle?  Can you find a rectangle?  Can you find an oval?  Can you find a diamond?  Ask an adult to help you if you’re taking pictures.

Spell your name out loud.
Use small items to write your name. (For example: noodles, beans, cotton balls.) You can also paste them to a piece of paper like this.

In your Green Book there is a shape drawing activity.  Practice drawing your shapes.  Circle the best one on each line.  Be careful and use a pencil.

In your Green Book there is a shape coloring activity.  Be sure to follow all of the directions to color the right shapes the right color.

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