Day 3

Day 3.

Today we will start with your G-R-E-E-N song.  Can you spell green now? Keep practicing!

This is the last day that we will be learning about frogs.  Frogs start out in soft jelly-like eggs.  Baby frogs look like little fish, and they are called tadpoles.  These little tadpoles start to grow legs.  Then they grow up to be frogs.  Play this game about the life of a frog to see how they grow.

Listen to Kermit the Frog sing this silly song called “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.  In the beginning of the song how did Kermit feel about being green?  Did his feelings change by the end of the song?  How did he feel at the end?

The first number that you will learn to write this year is “zero”.  Zero is the number you write when there is nothing at all.  It is like an empty hole with nothing in it.  Practice writing “0” in your Green Book; be sure to circle your best “0”.  How many “0”s did you write?

Memorize this poem to help you remember how to write the number zero.

“Make an oval, tall and round.

The number zero has just been found!”

Practice writing your name.

Spell your name out loud.

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