Day 9

Day 9.

Practice writing the number four in your Green Book. Circle your best one.

Play the story game ABC Mommy and Me.

Here is a sheep counting game.  It’s kind of hard, but fun.  See how many sheep you can count.  Can you challenge other people to try and count the sheep?  Watch out for the sneaky wolves dressed up like sheep, you don’t count those!

Baby sheep are called lambs.  Watch this video about a little lamb that was just born on this farm.  Are baby lambs fast or slow?  When do they start walking?  What else did you learn about lambs?

Watch this video about a sheep and his very special friend.  You’ll probably be surprised!  Can you guess from this video what animal we will be talking about tomorrow?

Spell your name out loud.
Continue to practice writing your name.  There won’t be any more reminders, so practice until your name looks great!

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