Day 26

Day 26.

Go through the D activity.

D is for dog!

Watch this silly song about 20 different kinds of dogs.

Do you think you could take care of a dog?  Play this game and summarize what happens in the game like you summarize your stories.  What happened first, what happened second, what happened third?

Listen to the story of Balto the sled dog.  What is a serum?  What is a dog sled? This is a picture of the real Balto.  If you ever go to Central Park in New York City there is statue of Balto there.  Did the artist do a good job; do you think it looks like Balto?

Work on sorting.  Make sure that every dog has the same number of bones with this Curious George game.

Count the dogs.


Practice writing lower case d by printing out a finished work sheet from this page. When you are done put it in your Green Book.  (Use the handwriting work sheet maker for free worksheets.  I would suggest that you put FIVE letters with TWO spaces in between each letter to make an evenly spaced worksheet.  You can experiment with this worksheet program to fit your own preference.  Be sure to put handwriting work with the rest of the Green Book exercises for record keeping. )

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