Day 27

Day 27.

Go through the E activity.

E is for eagle.

Meet a bald eagle named Liberty that lives at the same zoo as our class pets! Why do you think the bald eagle is named Liberty?

Read this page and look at the pictures of bald eagles.  Are bald eagles really bald?  What do they eat?  How many eggs do they lay?

Look at this picture of the size of bald eagle eggs.  Are they bigger or smaller than the eggs you get at the grocery store?  Here is a picture of eagle chicks that just hatched from their eggs.


Watch this video about bald eagles.

Practice writing upper case E by printing out a finished work sheet from this page. When you are done put it in your Green Book.  (Use the handwriting work sheet maker for free worksheets.  I would suggest that you put FIVE letters with TWO spaces in between each letter to make an evenly spaced worksheet.  You can experiment with this worksheet program to fit your own preference.  Be sure to put handwriting work with the rest of the Green Book exercises for record keeping. )

Count your fingers. Count your toes.

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