Day 25

Day 25.

Go through the D activity.

D is for duck!

Play this duck counting game.

Listen to Elmo’s duck song.

Practice your cutting with a free standing duck craft.

Ducks lay eggs like chickens do.  Look at how similar duck and chicken eggs are.  Which egg on the chart is the biggest?  Which is the smallest?


There are many types of ducks.  What are the colors of the different duck’s feathers?


Practice writing upper case D by printing out a finished work sheet from this page. When you are done put it in your  Green Book.  (Use the handwriting work sheet maker for free worksheets.  I would suggest that you put FIVE letters with TWO spaces in between each letter to make an evenly spaced worksheet.  You can experiment with this worksheet program to fit your own preference.  Be sure to put handwriting work with the rest of the Green Book exercises for record keeping. )

Listen to the nursery rhyme “Five Little Ducks”.  Here are some five little ducks puppets. Sing the song and act it out with your new puppets. Share this song with someone. What should the little ducks have done when their mother called for them?

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