Day 17

Day 17.

Count the suns in your Green Book.

Watch the count to ten video.

This is a sand castle.


Build a sand castle with Curious George.

Have you ever seen a hermit crab?  They live in the sand at the beach.


Count the hermit crabs shells in this picture.


Watch this video about 5 facts about hermit crabs.  What were the five facts?

Work on your matching skills with Diego’s Hermit Crab Rescue Game.

Play this Hermit Crab Game.

Say your Alphabet.


3 thoughts on “Day 17

      1. I can send them as I come across them, is the best way to do so in the comments? On this day 17 green book the hermit crab game link doesn’t work, and the hermit crab rescue one doesn’t either.


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