Free Books (Print/No Audio/No Video)

Large Book Collections: 

Huge Collection of Free Children’s Books for Free (Clarkness)

Nellie Edge Stories (PDFs)

Giant Children’s Library Collection (classical stories)

Individual Stories:

Brainy Blueberry and the Backpack Balloon

Daisy Nuzzlehead Paints Everything

Captain Buckleswash and the Pirate Villain

The Little Gingerbread Man

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble

Invisible Alligators

The Brave Monkey Pirate

Wolstencroft the Bear

Ollie’s Jar

Round Bird Can’t Fly

Kitty Wants a Box

The Counting Story


Animals you can See at the Zoo

Buzzy Bee

Buzzy Bee and Friends

Buzzy Bee’s Night Out

Buzzy Bee’s Picnic

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