Day 41

Day 41.

Do the F activity.

Practice writing upper case F by printing out this page. When you are done put it in your Yellow Book. (Use the handwriting work sheet maker for free worksheets. I would suggest that you put FIVE letters with TWO spaces in between each letter to make an evenly spaced worksheet. You can experiment with this worksheet program to fit your own preference. Be sure to put handwriting work with the rest of the Yellow Book exercises for record keeping. )

F is for Fox!

Watch this fox video. Describe what the fox is doing.

Foxes live in dens; it’s like a little cave that they dig. This is the outside of a den. They sleep in the den like this. In your Yellow Book draw a den under the tree. Put things in the den that a fox would like. Act out the story with these fox puppets. Make the story about foxes digging a den. Tell someone the story. Anything can happen in the story that you would like, it’s your creation!

This is a picture of a kit. A kit is a baby fox.

Practice you typing with this cup stacking game.

Listen to this letter sound song.

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