Green Unit Social Studies – Computer Skills – Social and Community Interaction – Art

Green Unit Social Studies/ Computer Skills / Social and Community Interaction / Art

Day 1

Now it is time to decorate the front page of your Green Book. On the front page draw your dream garden. Does your garden have flowers? Does food grow in your garden? Are there any animals that live in your garden?

(During the drawing activity discuss locations in your community like gardens. Talk about public gardens in parks, and private gardens in homes. Social studies was also covered in the math portion of today’s lessons, when discussing the feeling of a character in a game.)

Day 2

Why do you think people and things have different names? What are the names of the members of your family? Do you have a first name, a middle name, and a last name?

Day 3

Listen to Kermit the Frog sing this silly song called “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. In the beginning of the song how did Kermit feel about being green? Did his feelings change by the end of the song? How did he feel at the end?

Day 4

In the math section today the student will be walking around the home and finding shapes in their environment. This links the home environment to what they are learning in the school setting.

Day 5

-Break Day for Social Studies-
(Sometimes when introducing larger core Math and Language Arts topics, we take a brief break from Science and Social Studies until the core subject is done being introduced. We are taking a break to focus on learning about shapes.)

Day 6

Every country has a flag. Do you know about the flag in your country? Have an adult help you find the flag from your country (and state, if you live in the USA). What do the colors on the flag mean? Are there any pictures on your country’s flag? When was your flag made? Has your country had other flags? (Adults: this wiki page is a good point to start research. Help your kindergartener by showing them how you found the information. This is a good practice with safe research skills. If you live in the US this could be a good time to go over the Pledge of Allegiance.)

Look at the flags of some other countries. Which ones do you like?

In your Green Book there is a blank flag for you to color. Imagine that you have your own country and it’s your job to design the flag. What would it look like? Follow the instructions in your book.

Make a flag online.

Day 7

Discuss community areas like zoos. Is there a zoo close by to you? Look up zoos close to your area on the internet. You can discuss with the student how far each zoo is from your home, and how each one is different. Check to see if they have giraffes.

Day 8

It’s time for an art project. Today you will be making skyscrapers and cars out of paper. You will need; 1 big piece of paper, some small pieces of colored paper (these can be scraps), glue, scissors, and buttons (optional). Go to this website to see pictures of skyscrapers and for a guide on how to do the art project. Are there skyscrapers where you live?

Now it’s time to build your own neighborhood. What kind of neighborhood did you build? What was in it? Play the Build a Neighborhood game.

Day 9

Watch this video about a sheep and his very special friend. You’ll probably be surprised! Can you guess from this video what animal we will be talking about tomorrow?

Day 10

-Break Day for Social Studies-

Day 11

Today you will be going on a virtual field trip to Italy! Italy is on the continent of Europe. It has many famous cities like Milan, Florence, Rome, and Venice. But, today you will be exploring Venice.

Here is a video about Buster the Bunny exploring Venice. It’s from a show called “Postcards from Buster”. Answer these questions after watching the video… What country is Venice in? How do people get around in Venice? What are the special masks for?

Day 12

-Social Studies Break-

Day 13

-Social Studies Break-

Day 14

Today we will be learning about a bug that is very active at night. The lightening bug! Do lightening bugs live where you live? Sometimes people call them fireflies. What do you call them? Why do you think some people use different words for the same thing in different areas?

Day 15

What street do you live on? What are some names of the streets around you? Why do you think streets have different names?

Day 16

-Social Studies Break Day-

Day 17

This is a sand castle.


Build a sand castle with Curious George.

Day 18

Today we will begin with keyboarding practice. Practice typing the letters A-C on this keyboarding practice game.

Day 19

Today you will be learning about apples. Look at this picture of some different types of apples. What colors of apples have you eaten?


Day 20

Watch this story, “The Ants and the Grasshopper”. What is the lesson in this story?

Learn the word “ant” in American Sign Language. Explain to your child why some people use sign language to communicate. What are different ways that people can communicate?

Day 21

Find 5 things wrong in the kitchen.

Day 22

This is a video of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Which hot air balloon was your favorite?

Print out this hot air balloon page, and design your own balloon.

Day 23

-Social Studies Break Day-

Day 24

-Social Studies Break Day-

Day 25

Listen to the nursery rhyme “Five Little Ducks”. Here are some five little ducks puppets. Sing the song and act it out with your new puppets. Share this song with someone. What should the little ducks have done when their mother called for them?

Day 26

Do you think you could take care of a dog? Play this game and summarize what happens in the game like you summarize your stories. What happened first, what happened second, what happened third?

Listen to the story of Balto the sled dog. What is a serum? What is a dog sled? This is a picture of the real Balto. If you ever go to Central Park in New York City there is statue of Balto there. Did the artist do a good job; do you think it looks like Balto?

Day 27

Meet a bald eagle named Liberty that lives at the same zoo as our class pets! Why do you think the bald eagle is named Liberty?

Day 28

Check out the special job this electric eel has in Japan.

Day 29 and Day 30 are review days. Refer to those pages for reviews.

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