Day 57

Day 57.

Practice writing the number 18 in your Yellow Book.

This is a picture of a bird’s nest. Birds work very hard to build a nest to lay their eggs in. How many eggs are in this bird’s nest?

Here are different types of bird’s eggs. Which do you like the best? Which two eggs do you think are the most different? After looking at this picture, what kind of bird laid the eggs in the bird nest picture?

Count the different types of bird’s eggs.

Here is a video of someone who left some special material for hummingbirds to build a nest. Look at how the hummingbird nest looks different that the other nests we have seen. What is different about it?

This is a video of a different kind of nest. It is a robin nest. Watch the baby robins hatch, and grow. They start out pink, and then they get their feathers. When they are big enough they fly away from the nest.

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