Day 53

Day 53.

For two days we will be learning about weather. Have you been watching the weather since we last talked about it? Do you remember what the weather is like most days where you live? Look outside; what is the weather like today? Look for “What is the weather like?” in your Yellow Book. Draw the weather, and write the kind of letter it is under your drawing. Do this for Day 1. You will draw the weather for Day 2 tomorrow. Here is a picture with different types of weather, and weather words.

Watch this video about weather.

In different weather we have to wear different clothes. Play this game to choose the right clothing for the weather outside. Listen to the story, “James and the Rain”. What did James do to get ready for the rain? Count the raindrops.

Go to your local weather channel website and see what the forecast is for tomorrow. A forecast is the best guess that weather people have, using science, to guess what the weather will be like in the future. Sometimes they are right about the weather, sometimes they are wrong. Check to see what they think the weather will be tomorrow- and tomorrow you will see if they are right!

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