Green Unit Math

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Day 1

Now play the game Ribbit! This is a game about numbers and frogs. Count with the Man in the Yellow Hat. Add all of the frogs you can, then get rid of all of the frogs. How many lily pads were there for frogs to land on? How did George the monkey feel when frogs were jumping on the lily pads? How did George feel when all of the frogs jumped back in to the pond and the lily pads were empty? Click here to play the game.

Day 2

Color the frogs in the frog pond in your Green Book. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Count the fish.

Day 3

The first number that you will learn to write this year is “zero”. Zero is the number you write when there is nothing at all. It is like an empty hole with nothing in it. Practice writing “0” in your Green Book; be sure to circle your best “0”. How many “0”s did you write?

Memorize this poem to help you remember how to write the number zero.

“Make an oval, tall and round.

The number zero has just been found!”

Day 4

Today we will be learning about shapes!

Learn about shapes with the Shapes Song. Practice naming all of the shapes.

Now play the Curious George I Love Shapes Game. What shapes were in the game? How did you do?

There are many different ways to make triangles. They are different sizes and have different lengths of lines, but they all have three sides. Look at this picture to see the different kinds of triangles.

There are shapes everywhere! Look around your house to find shapes. If you have a camera to use, take a picture when you find a shape. Can you find a square in your house? Can you find a triangle? Can you find a circle? Can you find a rectangle? Can you find an oval? Can you find a diamond? Ask an adult to help you if you’re taking pictures.

In your Green Book there is a shape drawing activity. Practice drawing your shapes. Circle the best one on each line. Be careful and use a pencil.

In your Green Book there is a shape coloring activity. Be sure to follow all of the directions to color the right shapes the right color.

Day 5

In your Green Book there is a count the shape activity. The shapes make a flower in a pot with a little butterfly looking at it. Shapes can make bigger pictures of things. Count how many shapes it took to make the picture. How many circles? How many squares? What other shapes do you see?

Watch this video about a Mouse and a Lion. Notice that the animals and the forest are made out of shapes. What shapes are the trees made out of? What shapes is the lion made out of? What shape is the mouse made out of?

Can your help the purple monster find shapes? Play this game and match up the shapes!

One more activity in your Green Book today! After the graph page, there is a page where you can practice drawing your shapes. Follow the instructions, and use your pencil. Take your time to practice drawing them well. If you need more practice drawing the shapes an adult can help you to print copies of the page to practice with.

Day 6

Practice writing the number 1 in your Green Book.

Watch the number 1 video.

Day 7

Today you will learn to write the number 2. Practice writing the number 2 in your Green Book.

Day 8

Practice writing the number three in your Green Book. Circle your best one.

Day 9

Practice writing the number four in your Green Book. Circle your best one.

Here is a sheep counting game. It’s kind of hard, but fun. See how many sheep you can count. Can you challenge other people to try and count the sheep? Watch out for the sneaky wolves dressed up like sheep, you don’t count those!

Day 10

Practice writing the number five in your Green Book. Circle your best one.

Watch this video about number 5.

In your Green Book there is an elephant activity. Follow the directions carefully.

Day 11

Practice numbers 1-5 in your Green Book.

Count the Murano glass beads. Do you remember when Buster went to Murano? It’s the special place where they make glass. These beads are from Murano.


Day 12

Practice numbers 1-5 in your Green Book.

Try to complete the owl jigsaw puzzle. This will help with problem solving.

Make an owl. Cut out the shapes. Glue them to the body. Color your owl. What shape is the owl’s beak? Make sure to give the owl big circle eyes.

Day 13

Practice writing the number 6 in your Green Book. Circle the best one.

Watch the count to six video.

Count to 6 out loud.

Day 14

Practice writing the number 7 in your Green Book. Circle the best one.

Watch this counting to 7 video.

Look at these pictures of fireflies. Can you count how many pictures of fireflies there are on the page?

Play this firefly game to practice patterns and learn about the special language that fireflies use.

Complete the firefly jar activity in your Green Book. Carefully follow directions.

Day 15

Write the number 8 in your Green Book.

Count your fingers.
Count your toes.
How many eyes do you have?
How many ears do you have?

Day 16

Practice writing the number 9 in your Green Book.

Today is pattern day! Watch this video about Bert and Ernie playing “Guess What’s Next” a pattern game!

Do the pattern completion activity in your Green Book.

Play this pattern game.

Day 17

Count the suns in your Green Book.

Watch the count to ten video.

Count the hermit crabs shells in this picture.


Work on your matching skills with Diego’s Hermit Crab Rescue Game.

Play this Hermit Crab Game.

Day 18

Practice writing your numbers 1-10 in your Green Book.

Practice counting to twenty with Allie.

In your Green Book there is a counting activity with bugs. Follow the directions carefully.

Work your problem solving muscles! Complete the puzzle. What’s the animal?

Day 19

There is an apple tree activity in your Green Book to complete today.

Day 20

Count the ants in this photo.


Day 21

Count the panda bear cubs.


Here is a circle bear craft if you are interested.

Day 22

Count the hot air balloons. What colors are they?


Day 23

This is a Siamese Crocodile jigsaw puzzle. Practice your problem solving skills.

Day 24

Baby cats are called kittens. Count the kittens.


Play the game “Feed Gnochi”. It is a good introduction to gravity and physics. This is an enjoyable game for all ages.

Day 25

Play this duck counting game.

Day 26

Work on sorting. Make sure that every dog has the same number of bones with this Curious George game.

Count the dogs.


Day 27

Count your fingers. Count your toes.

Day 28

We are going to start counting to larger numbers. Play the game snakes and ladders to begin to practice.

Day 29 and Day 30 are review days. Refer to those pages for reviews.

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