Day 38

Day 38.

Field trip day 1- community safety.

Today we are talking about pedestrian safety.

This is a traffic light in the USA. Is this what the traffic lights look like in your community? If not, have an adult find you a picture of a traffic light from your community. This is what the colors of the traffic light mean.

Signal Light


Color this page with the correct colors for traffic lights. Be sure that the color matches the traffic instruction. Color the traffic light in your Yellow Book.

Play the stoplight game.

This is a stop sign. These are the rules of what a stop sign is and what the stop sign means.



Color the stop sign in your Yellow Book.

Count the sides on the shape of a stop sign. How many sides are there? This shape is called an octagon. There are also eight legs on an octopus. What is the sound that is in the words octagon, and octopus? Think through what you counted, what do you think “oct” means?

Watch this video about road safety.

Listen to this letter sound song.

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