Day 36

Day 36.

Listen to the story, “The Little House”. Summarize the story.

Construct the tangram of the house. Look for the picture of the house in the top right of the game screen.

Build a house.

In your Yellow Book have an adult write down your home address and phone number. It’s important to know these things. Practice writing them. Work on memorizing them. If you are ever in an emergency situation and you have to call an emergency number, you will have to know this information so that community helpers can come and take care of the emergency. Ask an adult what the emergency number is to call in your area (example, 911) and when you should call this number. Watch this video about what to do during an emergency, and what an emergency is.

Watch this video about different types of homes from all around the world. What kind of home do you live in?

Watch this video about the building of a straw bale house.

Listen to this letter sound song.

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