Day 31

Day 31.

Color to number 10 with the color yellow.

Write your name on the front cover of your Yellow Book, and draw a picture on the cover.

Practice writing the number 11 in your Yellow Book.

Our theme of the day is friendship. Watch this story about the The Lion and the Mouse. How are they friends? Friends do nice things for each other, what do the two friends in the story do to be nice to each other?

Read some things that other Kindergarteners came up with that a good friend does. Can you add anything to the list? What is something that a good friend has done for you? What have you done for a friend?

Watch this cute video about unlikely animal friends. There are some animals in this video that you will be surprised can be friends. Anyone can be friends if they try to be nice to one another!

Listen to the story, “The Rainbow Fish”. At the beginning of the story was the Rainbow Fish a good friend or a bad friend? Why? By the end of the story did the rainbow fish change?

In your Yellow Book draw something fun that you and one of your friends do together. Why is your friend a good friend?

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