Day 22

Day 22.

Go through the B activity.

B is for balloon.  Have you ever seen a hot air balloon?

Count the hot air balloons.  What colors are they?


Here is a hot air balloon racing game.  Notice that the hot air makes the balloon go higher, and letting the hot air out with the air vent makes it go lower.  Hot air from a flame is how hot air balloons fly.

This is a video of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  Which hot air balloon was your favorite?

Print out this hot air balloon page, and design your own balloon.

Practice writing lower case b by printing out a finished work sheet from this page. When you are done put it in your  Green Book.  (Use the handwriting work sheet maker for free worksheets.  I would suggest that you put FIVE letters with TWO spaces in between each letter to make an evenly spaced worksheet.  You can experiment with this worksheet program to fit your own preference.  Be sure to put handwriting work with the rest of the Green Book exercises for record keeping. )

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