Day 11

Day 11.

Practice numbers 1-5 in your Green Book.

Today you will be going on a virtual field trip to Italy!  Italy is on the continent of Europe.  It has many famous cities like Milan, Florence, Rome, and Venice.   But, today you will be exploring Venice.

Here is a video about Buster the Bunny exploring Venice.  It’s from a show called “Postcards from Buster”.  Answer these questions after watching the video… What country is Venice in?  How do people get around in Venice?  What are the special masks for?

Pretend that this picture is a postcard.  You want to write home to tell people about the time you are spending in Italy.  What would you tell them about Venice?


Count the Murano glass beads.  Do you remember when Buster went to Murano?  It’s the special place where they make glass.  These beads are from Murano.


In your Green Book color the Murano Glass vase.  Decorate it with your favorite colors. Explain to someone how they made the glass in Murano.


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