Day 1

Day 1.

It is the first day of kindergarten!  Our first unit is the green unit.

Watch this video about the color green. Can you sing the song?

Explore things that are green.

Today you will start to write in your Green Book.

You will learn about a lot of green things in this unit and lots of other things too.

Write your name on the front page of your Green Book.  It will be fun to see how much better you get at writing your name as the year goes on.

Now it is time to decorate the front page of your Green Book.  On the front page draw your dream garden.  Does your garden have flowers?  Does food grow in your garden?  Are there any animals that live in your garden?

Can you see the frog?

Now play the game Ribbit!  This is a game about numbers and frogs.  Count with the Man in the Yellow Hat.  Add all of the frogs you can, then get rid of all of the frogs.  How many lily pads were there for frogs to land on?  How did George the monkey feel when frogs were jumping on the lily pads?  How did George feel when all of the frogs jumped back in to the pond and the lily pads were empty? Click here to play the game.

Parents; go to this website and make a handwriting worksheet with your child’s full name.  Have them practice with the worksheets daily until they are able to independently write their name with good penmanship.

Write your child’s name on a sheet of paper (preferably a piece of construction paper).  Write their name in large thick letters; have them trace their name with their fingertips.

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